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Sdr. Herred Plantage

The character of the landscape in this area has its origin in the 19th century in the time around the renewal and the later and extensive afforestation of the last heaths on Mors.

Characteristic for the area is the large, soft hill and valley formations that in some places resembles an ablation moraine. In this area, you find the highest point on the Southern Mors that towers the landscape with its 60 meters. In the south of the area, the terrain is hummocky and has cultivated fields as well as scattered houses. The several property lines in the area are marked with hedgerows, which also emphasizes the relatively simple structure of the landscape. Towards south, the landscape levels out. The hilly landscape provides a great view overlooking most of the southern part of the island.

Sønderherreds Plantage, which is the island's largest plantation area, is a sharp contrast to the more simple landscape on the rest of the island. Towards north, the plantation constitutes a line of demarcation against the adjoining landscape. South of Sønderherreds Plantage, several previous raw material pits are either overgrown or afforested. With the plantation, these adjoining areas make out a large connecting wooded area. In the area, there are more than 40 burial mounds, of which more than half is located in or surrounding Sønderherreds Plantage.

Sønderherreds Plantage

The plantation in Sønderherred offers special experiences because of its size and character. The area offers great experiences of nature because of the landscape, and a small number of bogs, which are primarily located in the south east part of the area. Add to this, the wonderful feeling and experience of peace and quiet. Thus, the area invites you to enjoy the quiet outdoor life, the joys of nature, and the active nature. Sønderherreds Plantage contains bog-like kettle holes and a type of nature that is rarely found on Mors.

Existing facilities

There is a marked hike around Sønderherreds Plantage called "Hjertestien", or "the Heart Path". In the former raw material pits, south of the area, there is a shooting range. By the clubhouse at the range is the starting point for the mountain bike trail. Moreover, there is a fenced-in dog park on the opposite of the road.

Sindbjerg Mountainbike

The mountain bike trail is designed with a main trail of approximately 3.5 km, suitable for most bikers. From the main trail, there are smaller trails with different levels of difficulty, thus, making the trail suited for all. The total length of the trail, if one wishes to ride all the smaller trails, is 9.5 km. The intention is that the trail should be for all, whether it is schools, businesses, mountain bike enthusiasts, or tourists. Thus, everyone who wishes to test their abilities on a mountain bike can benefit from the trail.

However, please note that it is not allowed to use the trail on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year, as live ammunition is used on the shooting range on these days.