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Shellfish Festival at Mors - first weekend in June

Welcome to The Shellfish Festival on the island Mors, which takes place the first weekend in June.

The Shellfish Festival in Nykøbing Mors

Join in celebrating the culinary hub of the Limfjord and enjoy the fantastic harbor atmosphere as the entire island celebrates the annual Seafood Festival on the first weekend of June. Don't miss out on the flavors, scents, music, ambiance, and the many happy people gathering around one of the biggest events of the year - the Seafood Festival. The Seafood Festival is a beacon for the island of Mors and a recurring event that attracts both locals and tourists.

Attention is paid to healthy and delicious food in the many sizzling pans, pots, and grills. The talented volunteers are there for you on this day, and they encourage you to taste their oysters, razor clams, shrimp, fish cakes, and much more.

The 'Seafood Festival' association invites you to join in as the Limfjord unfolds its maritime delights through the Seafood Festival. The entire town is dressed up for the occasion, and the harbor is bustling with life, market stalls, music, and a wealth of activities and events for children and adults.

The Limfjord Food Market is, as the name suggests, a market with all the delicious products from the Limfjord region; You can see, taste, smell, and shop with local food producers - large and small. The producers have in common that they produce high-quality goods, often with a distinctive touch and roots in or affiliation with the Limfjord area.


Join the Shellfish Festival

You can book your ticket and read more about the Shellfish Festival here: Shellfish Festival in Nykøbing Mors (In Danish)

(Ticket sales for this year's Fish and Seafood Buffets open around December 1st).

Admission to the site is free, but food and drinks may not be brought in.