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Slivsø Shelter

Shelter right by Lake Slivsøen, with access to a 24-hour toilet and close to a grocery store where you can buy breakfast bread and groceries.

Accommodation close to scenic area and grocery store

Down by the lake "Slivsøen", you can spend the night at the shelters all year round. The shelter is located on a large green area in Hoptrup, and there is a 24-hour toilet that belongs to the square. Just 500 meters away there is a "Spar Købmand" store, where you can buy breakfast and groceries. If you are looking for recycling and flea finds, you must visit Hoptrup Recycling Center (Hoptrup Genbrugs Center). There are also good opportunities to go hiking at the beautiful Slivsø, where there are good chances for e.g. to see the impressive sea eagles.