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Spøttrup Castle

Explore Denmark's best-preserved medieval castle! Here you'll find a moat, a great hall, towers, a chapel, and everything else that belongs.

Unique - outstanding - rugged - beautiful - mighty! These are just some of the words that have been used to describe Spøttrup Borg since its restoration in 1941, when it was converted into a museum. The castle is surrounded by an impressive moat and is situated in a picturesque landscape. Miraculously, it has survived a turbulent existence over several centuries, during which various owners treated the castle with fluctuating appreciation for its unique location.

The castle provides insight into how people in the Middle Ages built with a focus on defense. Creating a strong castle was paramount - whether it was comfortable to live in came second. Spøttrup Borg illustrates how people lived in the rugged yet beautiful castle. The holes for the cannons, which contributed to the defense of the castle, are preserved, and the famous 9 medieval toilet chutes on the castle walls testify to daily life 500 years ago.

In the immediate vicinity of Spøttrup, you will find, among other things, Spøttrup Lake, which is rich in wildlife. A trail system leads around the lake, and there is a bird tower as well as an exhibition that tells the story of the lake and its wildlife. Adjacent to the castle is a beautiful park with a rose garden as well as medicinal and herb gardens, which are always worth a visit.

Every year, Spøttrup Borg organizes a variety of activities, including the Bishop's Market, which is the largest medieval market in West Jutland. Various events are also held in connection with the year's different holidays. Additionally, there are opportunities to take guided tours around the castle.