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Stenbjerg Beach in Thy National Park

The beach at Stenbjerg in Thy is a former landing place for fishing boats at the North Sea.

Access to Stenbjerg Strand
On Kystvejen from Hanstholm (route 181) turn right at the roundabout at Stenbjerg. It's about. 200 m from the parking lot to the water's edge.

Beach description
Stenbjerg and Lyngby Strand are located on the North Sea between Hanstholm and Agger. The beaches are surrounded by protected landscapes with dunes, moors, and lakes. Southeast of Stenbjerg and east of Lyngby there is a dune landscape with heath, small lakes and bogs, as well as conifers.

Bathing water description
The beaches at Stenbjerg and Lyngby are about 50-60 m wide and more than 300 m long. The beaches are sandy beaches with rocks. There will be 2 m deep after approx. 100 m from the water's edge.