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Stenbjerg Net - Angling Equipment and Accessories

Stenbjerg Net sells all kinds of angling equipment, fishing tackle, clothing for fishing, rainwear, rubber boots, victorinox and much more.

Stenbjerg Net sells all kinds of angling equipment:

* Fishing rods
* Wheels
* Line
* Forfang & accessories
* Waders and sea boots for children and adults
* Rainwear for children and adults
* Warm socks and hats
* Fleece jackets for men and women
* Thermal suits for children and adults
* Everything in ropes and ropes
* Bends and accessories
* Ready-made recreational fishing nets
* and much much more...

Stenbjerg Net is located in the old fishing village of Stenbjerg. Stenbjerg is a small town with about 200 inhabitants with proud fishing traditions.

Unfortunately, fishing with the big sea boats is no longer possible.

However, there are still many active fishermen, with a small "barge" on the beach.

Here fishing is done with nets, which is a very gentle fishing gear, and the small fishing village is definitely worth a visit.