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Stenbjerg Rescue Station

At Stenbjerg Landingsplads in National Park Thy is the characteristic rescue house built in 1931 of red bricks and with flags on the green gate in the gable.

The rescue station in Stenbjerg was established in 1894. At that time, the station was located inside the city, as this was where the rescue crew lived.

As strandings and shipwrecks became more rare along the west coast from the 1920s, it was considered to close the rescue station in Stenbjerg. Instead, they chose to build a new rescue house at Landingspladsen in 1931. After that, the lifeboat's main task was to help distressed fishermen.

In 1969, the rescue station in Stenbjerg had its last action.

The rescue house, which is now listed, contains an exhibition about the rescue service.

The exhibition is open during the summer.