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Stenhøj Beach

At the base of the steep bluffs in Staksrode Forest, you can visit this rustic and dramatic beach. Go for a walk at the beach between fallen trees, look for fossils, or slip in the water. 

The wildest beach of Eastern Jutland

Forget about fine white sand, ice-cream parlors and lifeguard towers. Stenhøj Beach offers wild, untamed, and spectacular nature at the most dramatic coastline of Eastern Jutland.

The beach is located at the beautiful Staksrode Forest where the tall bluffs with fallen trees lying higgledy-piggledy is worth a visit. You can park at the public parking lot in the forest at the end of Stenhøjsvej. From here you are not far from the bluffs from which you have an excellent view of Vejle Fjord and the ocean. At the edge of the bluff, stairs make it possible to get down to the beach.

You can go for a walk on the three-kilometre-long beach but be aware that you might have to climb over fallen trees. In the case of heavy rain, the clay in the bluffs can absorb so much water that it slides down towards the beach, taking big trees with it. The trees are not removed afterwards – here nature takes its course. The extraordinary conditions at the beach also makes it a hotspot for fossil hunting.


Combine with a picnic

When you visit Stenhøj Beach, it is inevitable to go through Staksrode Forest, but that is not a bad thing.  It is a really lovely forest with good facilities. There are three routes leading through the forest that you can combine as you please. The 2,4-kilometre-long yellow route is particularly beautiful, leading through the areas Store- og Lille Bjergfald as well as Stagsevold Castle Ruins.

The forest also has three nature camp sites – including a shelter on top of the bluff with an incredible view.


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