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Strandgårdens Frugtplantage

This orchard on the northside of Horsens Fjord produces vegetables, apples, and other fruit. There is a food stall here with a big selection of fresh vegetables, apples, and different sorts of apple juice.

Fresh fruit and greens from farm to fork

This orchard s located east of Horsens, near the ford leading to the island Vorsø. Ann Kathrine and Rune live here in the beautiful and peaceful landscape on a farm where they produce a wide range of food products. The orchard has a food stall where you can find a fine selection of fruit, vegetables, and microgreens in season. The farm is currently being converted into an organic orchard, and all products are unsprayed.


Apples and other fruit

Strandgården has a large number of apple trees from which they produce apples of many different sorts. In season you can cut your own apples or buy them pre-packed in the food stall at affordable prices.

You will also find a selection of sorts such as red Ingrid Marie, Cox Orange, Elstar, James Grieve, Golden Delicious, and Cortland. The apple season is September—October, and it is during this period that pick-your-own apples are available.

Strandgården also makes juice of the plantation’s apples. You can purchase many types of delicious freshly squeezed apple juice – juice made from only one sort of apples as well as mixed products. You can have a taste of the juice in the food stall, so you know which sorts match your preferences.

In addition to apples, you can also find pears, cherries, apple syrup, and jelly. Juice and other homemade products can be purchased all year as long while stock lasts.



The food stall also has a big selection of freshly harvested vegetables and microgreens. Here, you can find onions, potatoes, different types of lettuce, pointed cabbage, carrot, leek,  tomato, cucumber, courgette, chilli, turnip-rooted celery, red kuri squash, and different types of sprouts and shoots.



Strandgården has their own beehives which ensures that the apple trees are fertilised which results in better, bigger, and more well-shaped fruit. One major advantage to this is that the orchard produces its own honey which is for sale in the food stall.



The food stall is open all year and is restocked daily. The selection is seasonal. Payment is cash or via the Danish payment app MobilePay.


Close to the fjord and the Fjordmino

Strandgården’s orchard neighbours upon Brigsted Campsite which is located idyllically down to Brigsted Beach. When you visit the food stall we recommend that drive to the end of the road and enjoy the view of the fjord towards Vorsø.

The popular hiking route, the Fjordmino, is found just 200 metres from the orchard. The route leads away from Vorsøvej just north of the farm. It is easy to visit the food stall while hiking, and you can bring some apple juice to share on the trip.

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A part of Kystlandet food map

Strandgården's Frugtplantage is one of many interesting local farm shops and food manufacturers who are mentioned on the food map of Kystlandet. The map is your guide to local high-quality products. From dairies to smokehouses, and orchards - Kystlandet has it all.