Strandvænget park

Foto: Carlo Pedersen
Natural areas
Strandvænget Park and playground, with animals and right next to The Great Belt.

Skaboeshusevej 141

5800 Nyborg


Telefoon:63 33 80 90


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The 16 hectares of parkland and gardens, situated on the coast of the Great Belt, offer sensory experiences for people of all ages. 

The landscape is extremely varied, with many different areas containing perennials, bulbous plants, summer flowers, bushes and trees. The park has over 4km of disabled-friendly paths and direct access to a child-friendly beach.  

There are playgrounds with balance beams and climbing frames, and animal pens with rabbits, goats, chickens and ducks.   You can make your own food at one of the bonfire places, or eat your packed lunch at one of the picnic tables. There is also a small café where you can buy light meals, coffee, ice cream, etc.  Everyone is welcome to use the area with respect for the 160 mentally handicapped adults who live at Strandvænget.


Skaboeshusevej 141

5800 Nyborg


Coach park

Barbecue area

Tables and benches

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