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Struer Museum

Struer Museum is a state-recognized, cultural-historical museum responsible for the recent cultural history in Struer Municipality. The museum has a special interest in sound and listening, which is reflected in its various activities and exhibitions.

Struer Museum

Struer Museum is the ultimate place to delve into sound, listening, and local history. Besides being an architectural gem, the museum offers various exhibitions that tell stories about:

Bang & Olufsen - Experience the radio and television adventure that put Struer on the world map.

Buchholtz's House - Experience the author's home of Johannes and Olga Buchholtz.

Sound Universe - Play, experience, and learn about the fascinating world of sound and hearing.

Special exhibition BLUE - 44 turquoise glass beads found at Humlum in 1885, comprising the largest Danish pearl find of the Bronze Age.

Special exhibition SPRING - An art exhibition by Pernille Kjær consisting of the animated short film SPRING.

Struer Museum is more than just an impressive exhibition. It is a place where you can experience, play, and learn about the fascinating world of sound and hearing. This makes Struer Museum worth a visit for the whole family.



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