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Sunbörn at GENERATOR

Experience Sunbörn at the Generator venue!

Sunbörn, the Danish band with their unique fusion of sunny grooves and wild, jazzy horns, is at the forefront of a new era in global music. Their instrumental music has the ability to bridge cultures and create a connection deeply rooted in the modern musical landscape. "We humans are all born under the same sun, and despite our different backgrounds and experiences, we have the most in common. Music reminds us of our shared humanity and builds bridges between cultures, and at a time when the world is tearing itself apart, we want to use music to bring us back together," says the band's founder, Gustav Rasmussen.

The band's self-titled debut album is the beginning of an exciting new musical journey that marks the band's focus and commitment to creating music that unites and inspires people. The album, released in April 2023, represents Sunbörn's vision of creating extraordinary soundscapes that transcend the boundaries of jazz and world music. The music features acoustic, hand-played elements that highlight the virtuosity of the band members, jazzy arrangements, and wildness, but also a production and electronic elements that draw on a more contemporary sound. The album includes new collaborations and guest appearances by artists such as Ida Nielsen (DK), BIGYUKI (JP), Caio Marcio (BR), Clap! Clap! (I), Kaidi Thatham (UK), Moderator (G), and Opolopo (S).

Event time: Wednesday the 18th of September, 20.00, doors open at 19:00