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SUP spot: Bramslev Bakker

The beach at Bramslev Bakker is perfect for SUP, as the water is calm and the surroundings are beautiful.

If you're keen to explore stand-up paddleboarding, the beach at Bramslev Bakker is the perfect starting point. You can drive all the way down to the beach and park easily, ready to hop onto the SUP board from the bathing jetty. There are also toilets, as well as tables and benches at the parking area, so you can take a well-deserved break and enjoy a refreshment. From the SUP board, you can calmly paddle up and down the Mariager Fjord, which provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing SUP experience. Surrounded by beautiful nature and with plenty of space to explore, Bramslev Bakker beach is an ideal place to start your SUP adventure.