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SUP spot: Limfjorden

The Limfjord offers plenty of opportunities for great places to try SUP for both beginners and experienced paddlers

The Limfjord is a perfect place to try SUP, especially if you enjoy wildlife. Here, you have the opportunity to spot seals, otters, and a variety of birds.

There are plenty of starting points to choose from if you want to try SUP in the Limfjord. One option is to start at the harbor by Aalborg Sejlklub, as it provides plenty of space to practice before venturing further. If you prefer to be closer to Aalborg city center, you can start from Østre Havnebassin in Aalborg, where you also have space to get comfortable with the water before heading out to the fjord.

Afterward, you can take a trip along the waterfront in Aalborg, but remember to be mindful of currents and winds.

On the trip along Limfjorden, you can spot some of the attractions that Aalborg's waterfront has to offer, such as the Utzon Center, Musikkens Hus, and Aalborghus Castle.

After your SUP trip, you can visit one of the many restaurants in Aalborg to recharge.