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Surfspot by the South Pier in Hvide Sande

The surf spot by the South Beach in Hvide Sande is one of the best wave spots in Denmark. It has been divided into two parts by the new south pier - access to the area between the piers is only allowed for surfers and stand up paddlers, while the wind and kite surfers are allowed to surf the area south of the pier. 

This spot is great for both beginners and experienced surfers, depending on the wind speeds and wave sizes on the North Sea.

For kite and windsurfers the wind is best between WNW and NNW at wind speeds above 7 metres per second. For surfers and SUPs, the best conditions are when the waves roll in from directions between SW and NW with low wind speeds. Due to the lee from the piers, it is possible to surf and SUP between the piers in quite strong winds. Behind the dunes, on the parkinglot at Tungevej, you’ll find the West Wind Surf Café. Here, you can rent surf and SUP boards and sign up for surfing lessons. Her kan du leje surf – og SUP boards og tilmelde dig surf-kurser.

The entire area at Tungevej is worth the visit. There’s and autocamper site, so that you can spend the night, restrooms and showers, the café with coffee, ice cream and surf gear, and a place to enjoy your packed lunch or fire up the grill. A lot of people drop by to enjoy the sunset with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.