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Take a guided tour in North Zealand with Tisvildevejen

Experience the beautiful nature of North Sealand on one of the many exciting walks with Tisvildevejen.

Join Tisvildevejen on tours around North Zealand

The tours with Tisvildevejen are with different themes and with different durations. They also start from various places around North Zealand. The volunteers in the association Tisvildevejen are the guides on the trips.

You get a good experience when you go on one of the exciting trips. The guides will talk about what they are most passionate about. (It is in danish).

What tours can you join?

The trips range widely, from bird and beaver trips around the meadow lakes in North Zealand, where there will be good opportunities to see eagles, kingfishers and some of the endangered meadow birds, and to forest walks, where you get very close to life in and around one of Denmark's most extensive forests, Gribskov.

For the children, there are also walks. They can join an outdoor bingo trip where they learn more about the animals and plants they encounter on their way. | Read about all the trips, see prices and book a ticket.

The excellent summer pilgrimage from Esrum to Tisvildeleje is a regular trip on the program every year. Here you join a 6-day hike through beautiful nature with an exciting story. The tour is with a guide | Read more about this trip and buy your ticket.

Book your ticket

To join the tour requires a ticket on hand. See dates and prices and book | Book your ticket now

Practical information

Take a look at the weather during the day and bring good hiking boots, binoculars, a water bottle, packed lunch and maybe rainwear.