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This bicycle shop in Odder has its own repair shop and the biggest selection of bicycles in town. Tandhjulet’s bicycle mechanic is always ready to guide you with great service whenever you need repairs or spare parts for the bicycle holiday.

Great selection of bicycles

Tandhjulet in Odder is the place for you if you are in need of a new bicycle. Here, you will find bicycles to suit all needs – from city bikes with handlebar baskets to children’s bicycles, e-bikes, gravel bikes, and racing bikes. The assortment includes many well-known quality brands from established manufacturers.

When you purchase a bicycle at Tandhjulet, 4 x service is included. The bike will be prepared and lubed in advance, and the gearing will also be adjusted if necessary.


Personal service

The staff is there to guide you into making the perfect purchase based on you and your individual needs. You can always expect good, personal service. Finding the bike that fits perfectly can be quite tricky, so of course you should try the bike take it for a test drive before deciding.

Tandhjulet also has expert knowledge on electric bicycles. Your choice of e-bike should always depend on the distance, location, and purpose of your bike rides.

Bicycles seem quite similar, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the one that is perfect for you. Such a decision requires thorough consideration. Feel free to come in for a chat about your thoughts and needs when looking for a new bike or accessories.


Repairs and spare parts

Tandhjulet has its own workshop where the owner Søren aims to make repairs the same day or the day after you contact him, so you do not have to do without your bike for long.

Søren repairs all types of bikes (including e-bikes) at affordable prices.

Feel free to visit the store if you need spare parts, oil, a helmet, or other bicycle equipment.


Opening Hours

Tandhjulet is open Monday to Saturday every week. You can find the exact current opening hours on Tandhjulet's Facebook page. The store has its own parking spaces, so you can park right at the door.