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Teglværkssøerne is a beautiful natural resort, where clay used to be dug up for the tileworks (thereby the name, Tileworks Lakes). This created several natural lakes with a rich plant- and bird-life.


The area is nowadays a nature reserve with a landing stage for boats, shelters and fire ring, and natural paths. the lakes a part of a natural resort covering almost 62 acres of land. The lakes are the result of continuous digging for clay to make bricks. The clay digging went on for 40 years, from the 1960s to the 2000s.

Animals near Teglværkssøerne

The lakes are an excellent place for several birds, because it is teeming with different types of food. Mute swan, shelduck, cormorant and buzzards are examples of birds you may find in the area. The lakes also have freshwater fish, like European perch.

The reason these birds flock the Teglværkssøerne is probably because of the rich insect life. In the lakes, larvae and nymphs grow into a variety of insects, such as caddisflies and stoneflies. You will also find many different types of plants, such as cattail, ground elder, symphytum, and field horsetail.