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Testcenter Østerild: Green-Team-Thy

Experience the green wave up close. Thy is at the forefront when it comes to sustainable change. Green-Team-Thy shows you where you can experience the green technologies that are the backbone of Thisted Municipality's desire to be Denmark's leading climate municipality.

If you are planning a trip to Thy anyway, perhaps you are thinking of Cold Hawaii or a trip to Thy National Park, then we can easily be a first, second or third destination.
The only thing we can guarantee is a world-class experience that you won't find anywhere else.
We have tours for tourists and groups of all sizes.
Book your trip on our website - Feel the energy up close. Green Team Thy organizes various guided tours in Thy in the field of future energy supply and nature.
The most visited guided tour with us goes to the National Test Center for large wind turbines in Østerild.
In the forest by Østerild, an experience of the very best awaits. Here we look at the mega turbines of the future and you get up close to the world's largest wind turbines, which set world records.

You can also visit Østerild on your own with one of our podcast series.
You can find it all on our website, see you there.