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Thyborøn Surfcenter

If you want to try your hand at surfing, the western coastline of Thyborøn is perfect with nice beginner waves.

All instructors are locally known, skilled and educational. Although you should not believe it, you can easily find calm water in the area, namely at the northern part of Harboøre Tange, which is very suitable for SUP.

At easterly winds and clear water you can go crab hunting along Thyborøn's groynes. Here are big handcuffs, lobsters, plaques - and jellyfish! We go snorkelling and cook the catch when we return home.

You will find the Surf Center in the backyard og sneglehuset, where you can buy an ice cream or enjoy a soda after the ride on the waves - or just hang out in the special atmosphere that is around the "Snail House".

You can also rent skateboards and scooters to the amazing Thyborøn skatepark.