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Total Hip Replacement at GENERATOR

Experience Total Hip Replacement at the Generator venue!

Total Hip Replacement is a group known for its energetic and unique live concerts. The band navigates from intoxicating reggae rhythms through soulful melodies, intertwined with messages about the bleak direction the world is heading in. With a mixture of strong rhythms and organically expressive virtuosity, a sound is created that alternates between forward-driving and hypnotically meditative. Heavy grooves, detailed brass arrangements, and intense synthesizers come together in a musical landscape that is dark and longing, yet full of hope.

The music blends reggae, dub, and pop in a forward-thinking mix. The live show presents an energetic nine-member group on stage, an expressive horn section, and heavy grooves.

Event time: Saturday the 26th of October at 20.00, doors open at 19:00