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Track in the landscape at Holsted Å

Sporet ved Holsted Å are routes at 2.4 km, 3.7 km, and 4.7 km, respectively, along Holsted Å (stream).

The tracks are mostly desire paths leading you along Holsted Å. The stream rises in Vejen Mose (moor), runs through Brørup and Holsted, and later turns into Sneum Å having its outlet in the tidal flats. The stream still has its original course in the wide river valley with meadows and moors on its sides.


- Skoleplantagen (plantation)
- Dam from the transportation of marl
- Protected oak tree thicket
- Ford and log bridge
- Kystbæk

The tracks are part of the project Spor i Landskabet (tracks in the landscape) and lead through private property, so please show regard to this. The tracks are marked in the landscape with yellow, red, and blue triangles on posts.