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Trail of Ancient Times - Trælborgdalen, Gudum Kirke og Klostermølle

In the Middle Ages, Gudum Monastery was located in Trælborgdalen by Gudum between Lemvig and Struer. The nunnery belonged to the Benedictine Order.

In 1484, the monastery suffered severe destruction due to floods. The nuns allowed to move up to the current Gudum Parish Church.

After conversion, the parish church became the south wing of the monastery. At the Reformation in 1536, the monastery passed to the Crown and became a manor. However, the nuns still had the opportunity to stay for the rest of their lives.

From 1717 the monastery has been on both noble and private hands. Shortly after the transfer, a new main building east of the parish church was erected. The old convent building was demolished. You can still see marks of the old monastery in the church masonry.

In the meltwater valley, Trælborgdalen, you will find the old monastery mill. The history of the watermill goes all the way back to the 14th century, when the prioress of Gudum Kloster wanted to build a mill. The original abbey mill was destroyed by flooding in 1829 and rebuilt in 1835, 40 meters further north on firmer ground. The Tovborg family is today the owner of the mill.

The Tovborg family can trace its affiliation to the mill back to 1854 and have refurbished the mill building and re-established the mill pond.