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The troll Jensnej

A troll has been spotted in Ring Forest in Brædstrup! Andthere are pictures of him! Bring your family for a fun day in the activity park and see if you can find the troll in the forest. He is said to hold something beautiful over his head.

What lurks in the forest?

The lovely commercial town Brædstrup is surrounded by beautiful nature. In the city centre you can visit the fine town park and the newly built activity park with good playground facilities. The activity park is jammed up against the outskirts of Ring Forest, and not far from the playground you can try to find the most famous resident in the forest, the troll Jensnej. Jensnej who arrived in Brædstrup in 2023, is created by the artist Thomas Dambo, whose more than 100 trolls are scattered all over the country.


How to find Jensnej

Jensnej was last spotted in the forest, holding a mirror over his head and observing himself. On the path at the edge of the forest behind the activity park you can head north. You will pass shelters on your left side. Soon after, follow a path on your right hand side into the forest. Follow this path and you should see him after a while. He is quite big and hard to miss.

You can set the GPS to Skovvejen 17, 8740 Brædstrup to get as close to the activity park as possible, but we recommend that you park at the parking lot on Stationspladsen (between Jernbanegade, Søndergade and Vestervangen). From you parking lot you can pass through the park in order to get to the activity park.


Visit Jensnej on a treasure hunt

The Brædstrup treasure Hunt is a good way to experience Brædstrup. Get an English treasure map at Hotel Pejsegården and answer questions about what you see on your way through town. When you hand in your filled in treasure map at Hotel Pejsegården, you will receive a medal as a reward. One of the questions in the treasure map is about Jensnej.


Also say hello to Laura and Julian

At the city beach Langelinie in Horsens, two troll children stand with a beautiful view over Horsens Fjord. Between them, they have a tightrope, inviting children and the young at heart to test their balancing skills. Just like Jensnej, Laura and Julian are created by Thomas Dambo.