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The forest Trylleskoven is a conservation area with a highly varied nature, heather hills, beach commons, an old pine plantation and a child-friendly beach. 

The forest is characterised by its gnarled pine trees shaped by wind and weather over the years. Stories tell that the gnarled pine trees seemed so enchanting and even magical to the residents of the area that they named it "Trylleskoven" (the enchanted forest).

The area can be accessed from Karlstrup Strandvej (Gl. Køge Landevej). It is possible to travel on foot throughout the area.

Car park and bicycle parking at Karlstrup Strandvej. The road to the beach is suitable for disabled visitors.
Permission for motorised vehicles for disabled people can be obtained from the local authority.

From the car park there are path connections to the Karlslunde-Karlstrup bogs - a trip of 3-5 km.