Turridning Endelave - guided horseback riding tours

Experience the island of Endelave from the back of an Icelandic horse.

We offer guided tours in beautiful untouched nature.

The guided tours often lead to the large preserved nature area “øvre” (the tip of Endelave), and of course also along our lovely beaches.
On many of the tours we will go to places that the regular tourist will never get to see. And since there are thousands of wild rabbits on the island, you can be quite sure of seeing at least ten of them along the tour.

The guided tours often include stories about the exciting history of Endelave and the interesting people who have lived on the island through time.

 We have calm horses as well as some that are more energetic. The horse is always chosen based on the riding experience of the individual.

If you are a group of horseback riding enthusiasts who want to stay at the island for more than one day, then we will gladly assist you in finding accommodation.
There are several options including camp sites, bed&breakfasts and an inn.

Max weight of rider: 90 kilos 
Horseback riding at own risk.