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Udsigten Endelave

Front row on the waterfront, you find this dining place on Endelave, serving delicious pizzas, barbeque dishes, ice cream, mini golf and bike rentals. The outstanding view will be the first thing that greets you, as you disembark the ferry on Endelave – and the last thing that salutes you on way back to the mainland.

A place visited by all guests of Endelave

Whether you go by ferry to Endelave or by your own boat, there is no getting around this central eatery on Endelave. And with its variety of different features, it is also a place used by many of the island’s guests in one way or another.

Here, you are able to satisfy your hunger, big or small, buy morning pastries, play a round of miniature golf to the sound of ocean waves, or rent a bike for a big island excursion.
So, make sure you remember the name Udsigten Endelave when planning your visit to the island.


Homemade pizza from stone oven, juicy burgers, and sausages

Udsigten Endelave offers a menu with a range of delicious temptations. All pizzas er made in an Italian stone oven, and you can customize it to suit your personal preference of topping. In addition to being a pizzeria, Udsigten also serves as a burger joint and hot dog stand, offering barbeque dishes such as fish & chips, beef patties with béarnaise sauce, and a nice döner kebab.

Enjoy the food as takeaway or settle in at the bright and cozy café with the island's best view to enjoy your meal.


2 scoops, please!

Of course, Udsigten serves as the island's ice cream parlor, where you can have a classic ice cream cone with a great range of flavours and toppings, such as the Danish favourite ‘guf’, to cool yourself off in the summer sun.

Moreover, if you ask us, what better way of accompanying delicious ice cream than with a round of mini golf for the whole family? Luckily, you can satisfy your mini golf cravings at Udsigten Endelave’s 9-hole mini golf course by the harbor quay.

Should you also be in need of a good cup of espresso-coffee, you can buy one at the ice cream stand and savour it in the café.


Rent a bike and explore all Endelave has to offer

You also have the option of renting a bike upon arrival and returning it just before heading back on the ferry. You can rent bikes for both adults and children, as well as equipment like bike helmets, child seats, and bike trailers.

Everything on Endelave is within biking distance. Set off on a bike ride around the island, where, if you’re lucky, you will come across some of the many wild rabbits living on Endelave. There's also ample opportunity of shortening the trip and returning early, according to need.

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