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Ulkebøl Lokalhistorisk Arkiv

The archive opened in its new premises, at the former Sønderborg Barracks, in September 2022.

The archive in Ulkebøl began its work in 1977 in the old municipal office. Over the years, there have been a few moves, the most recent of which has brought the archive to premises in the former Sønderborg Barracks.

As the name probably suggests, the archive is connected to Ulkebøl Parish, from which images and documents are collected about people, families, farms and houses as well as companies and association life. If you have any material that you want to keep, a copy/scan can be taken for archival use.

In the archive, we are volunteers who can help you when you search for information about properties and / or people in Ulkebøl Parish.

Come and visit us in the new premises at the barracks. From May to September you can also meet some of our volunteers at the Rønhave Landbrugsmuseum every Thursday from 10 am - noon.

NB. The archive does not have space for objects, so here we refer to Rønhave Landbrugsmuseum or Museum Sønderjylland.