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Væksthus Spøttrup - local center

Væksthus Spøttrup functions as a center for knowledge, inspiration, and experiences, where visitors and users can learn about and be inspired by the region's nature, history, and raw materials to think green and sustainably in everyday life.

The Væksthus uses the smallholding as a historical and contemporary focal point for its activities but is also closely connected with the activities at Spøttrup Castle.

At Væksthus Spøttrup, you can follow the many paths around the property, which are connected to Spøttrup Castle to the north, Spøttrup Lake to the west, the former railway line, the Vestsalling Path to the east, and the well-preserved smallholder allotments of Søndermarken to the south.

During a tour around the Væksthus grounds, depending on the season, there is also the opportunity to gain practical insights into:

  • A landscape plan that promotes biodiversity and provides good conditions for animals, birds, and insects
  • An apiary and beehives
  • Demonstration areas where it is possible to see good and simple examples of how the natural basis in the farmland can be improved
  • Establishment of deadwood hedges and maintenance of living hedges
  • Old and new grain varieties, legumes, and other climate-friendly crops
  • Different apple varieties suitable for cider production
  • The special birdlife by the lake
  • Old Danish livestock breeds
  • A rural garden with many different associated flower, shrub, and tree species
  • And much more

Follow the paths and use the map to orient yourself. Learn more about the history, nature, and activities of the Væksthus on the information signs located at various places in the area.