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Veteran car rally at Kalø Castle Ruins

If you love vintage cars and maybe even own one yourself, then you deserve a trip to Kalø Castle Ruin in Djursland on a Tuesday evening during the summer months. Here you can meet enthusiasts from near and far who drive their shiny vintage cars and motorbikes to gather at the beautiful old ruin.

Tuesday evening - historical atmosphere and beautiful nature

On a good night, up to 600 vehicles can turn up, and if you want to show off your own vintage car, just drop by. No registration is required.

The Tuesday Meetings are a 100% voluntary event where everyone participates with the aim of creating a fantastic experience - both for exhibitors and visitors. This means that everyone contributes to maintaining good order.

Everyone is welcome, so why not drop by and have a nice chat with the owners about ‘the good old days’? But make sure you arrive in good time - by 9pm the place is almost empty again.

The meeting takes place at the breathtaking ruins of the 700-year-old fortress Kalø Slotsruin on the charming Kalø peninsula. Here you'll experience historical atmosphere and old memories in a fantastic natural setting close to the water.

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