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Vorgod Church

The church is an ancient medieval church. During the excavations in 1957, it became obvious tah the history of the "birth" of the church was both interesting and rare. The church was built in several stages. In 1100(approx.) a wooden church was built at Vorgod.This church is now part of the choir and the nave of the present church.In 1150(approx.) the choir of the wooden church was replaced by the present one made of ashlar; it is the original bricks and wood work.The ancient nave of wood has been replaced by the one of bricks which quite simply has been built on the top of the ancient nave.The tower and the porch were added to the church about 1450;the ancient church bell can also be dated back to 1450.Since then, only few alterations have been made;inside the original stone altar can still be seen behind the present one of wood;the baptismal font, made of granite, is dated back to the period of the ancient wooden church;the altar piece and the pulpit are dated back to the 17th century.