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Water shelters - Vildsund Marina

Spend the night in the new water shelters, that float on pontoons in Vildsund Marina.

The gentle waves of the Limfjord rock you to sleep, and you wake up with a view of the sparkling water.

The shelters each accommodate four people. The opening faces the harbor basin, so you can experience the water level from your sleeping area. The shelter is accessible via a gangway.

It is very popular to stay overnight in water heroes, so remember to book your night in advance.

Experiences in Vildsund
Vildsund was the ferry terminal between Thy and Mors until the characteristic bridge with the five arches replaced the ferry in 1939. You can read the story of the ferry crossing to Mors on the large posters at the marina. It is also from here that the four Kløversti hiking trails depart.