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All bread leaving the bakery has been in the hands of skilled professionals, true to tradition, and who know what they're doing.

Each bread is unique and can never be made in large factories. It requires a feel for the dough and a human hand to guide the dough in the right direction. The dough needs skilled hands. Every time. The bakery doesn't compromise and takes no shortcuts.

Everything is made from scratch – including their sourdough, which forms the basis of much of their production. The sourdoughs are tended to and refreshed every day – all year round. The bakers rise early, even on Christmas and New Year's morning, regardless of the weather, to care for the sourdoughs when the shops are closed. The preparation is essential, and nothing can be rushed in the slow process of making the perfect bread. It requires patience, time, and a little more time – but the result speaks for itself.

At Wendorff, you'll find a sophisticated assortment of pastry cakes that are perfect for impressing your guests. The delicious taste in their cakes comes from their good ingredients and skilled staff. Without the professional expertise and exquisite ingredients, it wouldn't be possible to make the tasty cakes that Wendorff is known for.

In their shops, you can always find a delicious and creative selection of pies and small creations. When strawberry season starts, they make their popular strawberry tart with local strawberries on an almond cake base and vanilla cream.