Westjysk Smag

Foto: Destination Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande
Local specialities

Holstebrovej 112, Finderup

6900 Skjern

Wild fermented liqueurs from West Jutland

Forget sharp and sour experiences in your past and provide yourself with a new and surprisingly harmonious flavour experience with the products from Westjysk Smag.   

The secret behind the balanced flavour is the natural fermentation based on wild yeast, leaving out sulphites and patience. It can take any time up to a year and a half, from the local produce begin fermentation, until the liqueur and vinegar is ready to be bottled. This natural process brings out the flavour of the original ingredients used.

Guided tours in Danish and English – price Dkk,-: 100 kr per person

Wednesdays at 1 pm

Thursdays at 1 pm

By appointment


Holstebrovej 112, Finderup

6900 Skjern



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