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Wetland Lilleå

South of Vemb, you find wetlands that attracts thousands of birds where Storå meets Lilleå.

South of Vemb, where Storå meets Lilleå, a wetland has been established where for many years there have been fields.

The area is about 50 acres and attracts thousands of birds, such as gray ducks, gluttons and fish herons.

The wetland can be observed from Vemb Park, when you look down over Storå, and you can see water in the whole area over towards Skærum Mølle.

Previously, the area was dewatered to be used for agricultural land. Now water is flowing in over the low area, and plants absorb excess nitrogen from adjacent fields.

Previously, the area belonged to farmers in Lilleåen Pumpelaug. A new dam ensures the low fields where the pump hatch continues.

In the summer there is low tide in Storå. Here more islands will appear and there will be more meadows with grass. Over time, bushes and roof pipes will grow here.