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Writers museum - Johannes V. Jensen Museet

The Johannes V. Jensen and Thit Jensen Museum in Farsø offers an exciting journey through the lives and works of two prominent Danish authors, Nobel laureate Johannes V. Jensen and his sister Thit Jensen, a prominent feminist writer.

The museum for the famous siblings from Himmerland. Johannes V. Jensen, Denmark's Nobel Prize winner in literature, and Thit Jensen, author, women's rights advocate, and Valkyrie.

Experience the story of the veterinarian's son from Farsø, the Nobel laureate in literature, and perhaps Denmark's greatest author of the 20th century.

In the author's birthplace in Farsø, the story of Johannes V. Jensen's childhood and youth, family, travels, and literary classics such as "Himmerland Stories," "The Long Journey," and "The Fall of the King" is told, which has been acclaimed as the Danish novel of the century. "The Workspace" is an exhibition featuring items from Johannes V. Jensen's workspace, structured around the largest single loan of objects in the history of the National Museum.

A new exhibition tells the story of Thit Jensen. Author and women's rights advocate. A colorful and complex personality that still fascinates.

For many years, Thit Jensen stood in the shadow of her famous brother. With defiance and talent, she forged a writing career spanning half a century. Through her numerous and controversial lectures on women's status, she became a driving force in the fight for women's equality.

The exhibition is built around objects and narratives from Thit Jensen's life, offering a direct glimpse into a colorful and complex personality that still captivates.