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The writers route on the Louns peninsula

Explore Louns peninsula and follow in the footsteps of one of Denmarks most influential writers through the times; Johannes V. Jensen.

Johannes V. Jensen, together with his sister, feminist and writer Thit Jensen, grew up in Himmerland and developed into one of the greatest writers in Denmark.   

His collection ''Himmerlandshistorier'' (1898-1910) and novels ''The Long Journey'' (1908-1922), were among the works which earned him the Nobel Prize in litterature in 1944. The novel ''The Fall of the King'' has since been recognized as one of the greatest Danish novels of the first half of 20th century.

Johannes V. Jensen travelled extensively, and visited among other, the cities of Paris, Berlin, Chicago and New York. Despite his many travels and experiences out in the world, his childhood memories of Himmerland were still in high regard. Especially the nature on the Louns peninsula have made a mark on his many poems, short stories and novels. 


The writers route on Louns

Louns is an area which is known for its dazzling nature, historical landscapes and the many writers and artists which have had and still have a connection to the area. 

While walking the newly established route (8,3 km), you can dive into Johannes V. Jensens memories, listen to stories and experience part of his childhood memories from Himmerland. 

You can find a map of the area and a story you can listen to at specific locations, while you are out on your route, at 'Danske Digterruter'. However, all information on the webpage is in Danish. 

The walk starts at Louns Church. Thereafter, you walk down to the coast and follow the path through forest and hilly landscapes. On the walk you can listen to stories of Johannes V. Jensen (in Danish), excerpts of his stories and learn more about the area you are walking through. 


The writers walk is made in collaboration with 'Danske Digterruter', The Johannes V. Jensen and Thit Jensen Museum, and more.