Kayakfahren auf dem Limfjord im dänischen Nordjütland

Itineraries for Trade Professionals

Foto: Mette Johnsen

Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings. Or step back in time in Odense, home of Hans Christian Andersen. Whatever your clients fancy, we've got itineraries and inspiration for all types of Denmark explorations. 

Don't let your clients miss out on our authentic Danish experiences. We've gathered a list of inspirational guides and handy itineraries, so your clients can start exploring the best that Denmark has to offer. Here is our list of itineraries for travel trade professionals. 

Top Denmark Itineraries

to personer kajakkpadler i solnedgangen ved Assens på Fyn, Danmark
Mitch Wiesinger

Soft adventures in Denmark

If it wasn't for the lack of mountains, Denmark could have been a real contender for an adventure sport capital. As it is, we make the most of what we've got, with watersports activities, towers to climb and an artificial ski slope in the heart of our capital city. If you're looking for activities to add into an itinerary, or an adrenaline-charged tour for visitors who want to do more than eat, sleep, repeat, take a look here.

Hot dog stand on a beach in Denmark
Anna & Finn

Eat your way around Denmark

You won't be hungry when you visit Denmark - with everything from smørrebrød to hot dogs, fine dining Michelin-style and a quite ridiculous amount of bakeries, sweet shops and ice cream stalls to choose from. Take a quick foodie tour of our little kingdom with this food-focused itinerary. It's almost good enough to eat...

Vikings at Ribe Vikingecenter
Ribe Vikingecenter

Land of the vikings

Denmark is the historical and spiritual home of the Viking. Danish ancestors explored, settled, traded, and plundered far and wide across the world during the period of history known as the Viking Age. Once here, your clients will have the unique chance to experience 1,000 years of Viking heritage - how Vikings lived, dressed and built their impressive ships. 

The old railroad on Amager in Copenhagen
Viggo Lundberg

Sustainable cities

Sustainability is part of our DNA in Denmark. So is having fun. What happens when the two things collide? We put our design thinking to work and devise a way to make sure you don't have to sacrifice having a good time when you add sustainability to the mix. Here in Denmark, we put sustainability into everything we do, including our city living. 


Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen

Denmark is the home of the world-famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen who penned The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen and many other stories. Your clients have the unique opportunity to experience the settings and locations of the storyteller and the romance and beauty of an age-old kingdom.

Cyclists in Copenhagen on the Circle bridge, Denmark
© Martin Heiberg

Design & Architecture

Denmark is famed for classic mid-century furniture, forward-thinking urban design and modern architecture of human scale. Historical Danish cities are fast transforming with new urban development in former industrial areas and docklands. Visiting Denmark offers a chance to discover liveable, bikeable and sustainable green cities embracing their historic past as well as our common future.

Kitesurfer at Jammerbugten, Denmark

Coasts of Denmark

Denmark has wonderful beaches open to all. Nowhere in the nation are you ever more than 50km from the coast. In Denmark, you’ll find sandy beaches, national parks and rocky cliffs. Among the most spectacular coastal destinations are the almost 500km sandy west coast with its mighty drifting sand dunes and the tree-capped white cliffs of the island of Møn. And almost everywhere you visit there are coastal holiday homes and seaside hotels. 

Children in North Zealand, Denmark
Niclas Jessen

Denmark for kids

Denmark offers great variety of experiences and landscapes and unique attractions for children to discover. There are world-famous theme parks, historic towns and living heritage centres where children get the chance to explore and learn through creative play and fun.

The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle
The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle

Castles in Denmark

Denmark has hundreds of castles and palaces once home to kings and princes. They are splendidly situated in scenic settings. Some in cities, such as Copenhagen, and others in open countryside. Most are open to the public and offer a chance to experience centuries of royal heritage. 

Nimb, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens

Luxury Travel

Danish luxury isn't about glitz or glamour; it focuses on the highest quality, cosiness and always, beautiful and timeless design. The luxury traveller will enjoy our world-renowned gastronomy scene with more Michelin stars, innovative restaurants and decadent bakeries than we know what to do with!