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Practical information

A medieval street in Ribe, Denmark

All your important questions answered

We'll do our best to keep it short and sweet. If you want to know where Denmark is, how to get there, what a krone is and whether many people in your country are keen to visit, all you need to know is here. 

Can you find Denmark on a map?

We'll make it easy for you - it's right here. Find your way around Denmark's cities, towns and islands, not forgetting Bornholm, the island just off the south coast of Sweden.

What's on when?

Denmark's weather can be unpredictable, but in the main it's sunny in summer, cold in winter and 'hold onto your hat' windy most of the rest of the time. Read on to see what to expect from travel in our four distinct seasons.

Seaside hotel and summer houses at Henne Beach


Children on Løkken Beach, North Jutland
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Woman in Rold Forest in autumn, Himmerland, North Jutland


Danes cycle all year round and in all kinds of weather, including snow
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Essential practical information

How do you get here? How do you get from place to place? And what are the best trips to put together anyway? Take a look at all our information here. 


Frequently-asked questions about Denmark. We don't use Euros, you don't need to tip, and nobody in her right mind would want to be a weather forecaster. There, that about covers it...

Denemarken is onderdeel van de Schengen overeenkomst, dit betekent dat er geen paspoort controle meer is tussen de Schengen landen in Europa. Je bent echter wel verplicht om een identiteitsbewijs (bijvoorbeeld paspoort) te alle tijden bij je te dragen in Denemarken.

Het maakt niet uit of je op zoek bent naar het perfecte city break hotel, een gezellige kro midden in de natuur, een vriendelijke camping, een vakantiehuis aan de kust, jij kunt je ideale accommodatie vinden in Denemarken. Ga naar de accommodatie pagina hier.

The Danish krone is the official currency of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The currency sign is “kr.” and the ISO code is “DKK”.  

You can check the current currency rates on this website.

Service charges are included in hotel, restaurant and taxi bills. If you feel you’ve received great service however, feel free to tip. How much you tip is entirely up to you, and there is no set etiquette for this in Denmark.

Lees het actuele weerbericht voor Denemarken op de website van het Danish Meteorological Institute.

Op de Nederlandse website kun je ook het weerbericht voor diverse plaatsen in Denemarken vinden.  

Statistical analysis

Take a look at the graph to see how many tourists from your country are visiting Denmark each year. It's a dynamic graph so pop back every now and again to see how things have changed, if you like.