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Lunden is a hidden eatery tucked away in the concrete jungle of Nørrebro, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices in a quiet environment.

Hidden between the apartment blocks in the otherwise unexplored part of Nørrebro is the charming café Lunden, hidden behind hedges and tall apartment buildings. The eatery oozes a backyard and backyard atmosphere and is the perfect spot when the sun comes out.

The courtyard is filled with long tables, and there's room to have breakfast and morning coffee, eat open sandwiches for lunch or stay for dinner, where they serve shareable barbecue food. Lunden is a collaboration between Nørrebrew and the popular Minnas Kaffebar, known for their great prices. The reasonable prices have been carried over to Lunden, where the food menu changes approximately every week. For drinks, Lunden serves natural wine, drinks and beer from Blågårds.

In the idyllic backyard, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, and the owners of Lunden make a virtue of creating a space where there is room for everyone. One of the ways they do this is by offering morning yoga, with proceeds going to a local NGO for a more sustainable neighborhood.